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Deism Compared to Judaism

Judaism is the original Abrahamic man-made "revealed" religion. The Abrahamic "revealed" religions of Christianity, Islam, Mormonism and Baha'i, are all offshoots of Judaism.

All "revealed" religions claim that they are based on a revelation from God to their founder or to other religious leaders. When people believe in Judaism, or any "revealed" religion, they are NOT believing in God, they are believing in the claim made by the religion and by its founder(s) of having received a revelation from God. A Divine revelation can only be a Divine revelation to the first person it is given to. After that, it become mere hearsay. If God gave me a revelation, and I told you what I claim God revealed to me, you would have to put your trust in me that I'm telling you the truth and that I'm being 100% accurate in relaying the Divine revelation to you. You would NOT be trusting in God, you would be trusting in me. Likewise, people who belong to any "revealed" religion, including Judaism, are not trusting in God, they are trusting in the founder and clergy of their "revealed" religion.

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