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Deism: No "Revelation" Required

I am sending you a membership application after attentively and carefully familiarizing myself with the basic principles and ideas of Deism. I have found that it is the right religion for me, for it is dynamic and not static, it accepts a broad range of opinions on various issues, it does not destroy human dignity and it provokes thought.

The most brilliant and constructive thought found in the writings of Deists are that we do not need any "revelation" to be close to God and the only sources of our knowledge of Him are Nature and our own reason. There is not, therefore, any necessity for numerous obscure, vague, ambiguous and controversial "Holy Scriptures" that the best thing they can do for us is to perplex, and the worst - to destroy our life and the lives of the people that are close to us - our relatives and friends. It is really inane to build our life on the words of other people and to make decisions according to the recommendations of others but not on our own reason. It is as well absurd to build our life on the books of people who did not have any idea about our modern life.

No one has the right to establish a monopoly on God and to declare themselves the only true representatives of a Higher Being. We are equal under God and He give us an equal chance to cognize Him and His creation. Deists are among the few that recognize that equality and try to let other people know about it.

So, my firm decision is to join the World Union of Deists and make input into spreading the principles of Deism.

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