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From Catholic to Deist - I am Not Alone

I have been searching for a lot of years for an answer of just exactly what I believed in. I knew I was not an atheist so my next best choice was agnostic. But that didn't do a good job of describing my beliefs either. So I just told folks that I believed in God, I just did not believe what man told me about him. I was raised Catholic and went to Catholic schools. Early on the nuns instilled the idea that I had to have faith to explain the unexplainable. Later, however, the Jesuits did too good of a job on me and actually taught me how to think. I read Common Sense in high school but it never occurred to me to read The Age of Reason and now I wonder about that because Common Sense was great.

But I have been so alone in my beliefs - I could not even tell anyone what they were because I did not understand them myself. Now I can tell people what they are - someone else (apparently a lot of someone elses) have had them for a very long time and have done a great job of writing about them. I have a lot of reading to do - as well as a lot of thinking - and I am really truly looking forward to learning - and developing into the entity that God intended me to be.

Now that my searching has been rewarded I can go forward a much happier and fulfilled person - I understand so much more about myself now than I ever did before. It is like a ton of weights have been lifted off my shoulders.

Thank you for existing.

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