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From Having an Atheist Father and a Christian Mother to becoming a Deist

I think I was always a Deist.

My Father is an Atheist, and my Mother is Catholic. Well she says she is, but she mainly goes to church to play BINGO.

I had a babysitter who used to read bible stories to me, and because of that I had a really good working knowledge of the bible.

I never really want to church until I was 7 or so. My Great Aunt started going to a Missionary church, and I started going with her. I guess the people were nice enough, and since I knew the stories it was easy to sit and learn. Then I asked the question. Why do I pray to Jesus rather than just pray to God? That opened the flood gates. No matter how they tried to explain it, I knew they were full of crap. Shortly thereafter I started thinking about the "miracles" and I realized that such things just don't happen in real life. Oh, and when it occurred to me that people were praying for such trivial things as passing a test, winning a football game, or the lottery, my head almost exploded.

In my later teens, I just considered myself to be an Atheist. This also caused a problem for me because I always felt like the world was too complicated to have just happened.

I'm not a hundred percent sure but I think I came across the definition of deism on your website, ( ). I read it, it makes sense, and it is now what I believe myself to be. Now that I am a Deist, I don't waste a single moment thinking of what will happen when I die. I am as honest as I ever have been, as faithful a husband as a wife could ask for, and far more tolerant of others.

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