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From Islam to Deism

Since my early childhood, I remember my mother was bombarded by many so called prophet sayings. These sayings discriminated against women and destroyed my mother’s efforts to lead a normal, healthy and happy life.

I wonder how many women and girls, mothers, daughters and sisters had to live a measurable life as a result of the poisonous “Sharia”.

My mother would speak out her opinion but would be attacked by the so called prophet’s sayings such as:

“….I have never seen anyone more deficient in intelligence and religion than you (women)” (Bukhari, Volume 1, book 6, No:301)

This was the holy excuse to shut up womankind in my religious society. Nevertheless, we fought and will always fight against it.

In addition to the holy fact that no nation ruled by a woman shall do good declared in the prophet’s saying:

“No people who appoint a woman as their leader will ever prosper” (Bukhari, book 13, No:53)

This Islamic teaching stands as a huge rock in the way of every ambitious clever woman in Islamic religious societies, hindering their efforts towards leading positions they are worthy of.

“……The majority of the dwellers of Hell-fire were you (women)

You (women) curse frequently

You (women) are ungrateful to your husbands

A cautious sensible man could be led astray by you (women) (Bukhari, Volume 1, book 6, No:301)

And tens of evil sayings that even contradict with what the Quran said about the prophet, that he was sent as mercy for mankind, but where is the mercy? Or, perhaps, punishment of womankind?! Maybe for talking to a snake and eating the apple and causing a curse and forbidding humanity from living in heaven as Christianity and Judaism tell the religious story.

My humble reason and mind could never ever accept such mendacity which transferred to us by Mullahs, Sheiks and so called wise religion men, who claim to know better and being closer to God than us; usual non-thinking and ignorant public!

I consulted my heart and new the truth. It is interesting to highlight that the saying

“Check your heart! The right deed reflects assurance in the soul and heart while the wrong deed reflects doubt in the soul and heart, even if the others assured you otherwise”. (The Fourty Nawawi Ahaadeth No. 1734) which is also so called prophet Muhammad’s saying. Furthermore, in hundreds of places in the Quran, God ordered people and provoked them saying,

“Don’t you think?

Don’t you reason?

Don’t you see?” ….and many other words addressed to our human mind and heart, not forcing vague or illogical ideas on us and trying to teach us to contemplate everything. I followed these amazing self-evident God’s words and knew the truth; my truth that I can live with, proud of being God’s creation with complete sound mind and reason, which needs to be refurbished and developed by investigating and thinking through the Universe.

The Great creator; the Genius constructor of the human brain and nature, is fair, reasonable, loving caring for all humble creatures.

God is not a discriminator to command that a brother gets as much as double of inheritance of his sister, only because he is a male.

“Allah charged you concerning (the provision for ) your children: to the male the equivalent of the portion of two females……” Surah An-Nisa (11).

God would never order the abuse of his creations, by beating or putting under detention of wives by their husbands if they disobey them as written in the Quran:

“ ……….. As for those(women) from whom ye fear rebellion, admonish them and banish them to beds apart, and scourge them. Then if they obey you (men), seek not a way against them” Quran, Surah An-Nisa (34).

All these are the falsehoods of wicked Bedouin traditions and conning hands who mixed the words of God with destructive irrational ideas and rules.

Since I became a teenager, the dirty hands and tongues of members of this religious society tortured me, as they did and do, other females by several sexual harassment methods on a daily basis. Being in a religious Islamic and Christian nation did not teach them ethics nor respect that would stop them from the daily abuse of God’s creations. For me this is the live, tangible and vivid proof of religions’ failure to establish healthy and sane societies. And do you know why 90% of females, even female children have been sexually harassed in my society, according to international records?? This is because of the sinful, guilty and not life worthy womankind who went out of their houses to breath fresh air, or to enjoy sunlight, or maybe had to go out to earn their living. It is their fault; they exposed themselves to seduce and to destroy society together with ethics; “They exposed the meat to the cat!” said by the most famous and respected Sheikhs and so called religious wise men as the reason of all this disgusting mess. It was said on television, for every child, man, woman and elder to hear, learn and believe in.

I put on a veil, lost weight to be as thin as a skeleton and tried harder and harder to be unnoticeable, but it never worked.

The only way was to flee this internal and external torture and self degradation. I flew to another world; to the so called, by my people, infidel countries. Where my eyes opened to what I had never imagined and my soul was partially cured.

Amazingly in these countries, who discarded religions and religious dogma more than 100 years ago, people still feel and believe in God. Females can walk around safely with no need to wear a veil nor to be kept at home to be secure.

There to some extent I learned that ethics and rights can only be enacted and protected by law and keen governments.

It was stunning to see women drive trains and cars and rule nations with no religious limitations undermining their ability.

That is when my conception for humanity changed, from superior and inferior creatures as dictated by religions to equal human beings that love, respect and care for each other.

This experience was the precursor for my further readings of the Quran and explanations, together with some Sharia books and religious criticism literature works.

The amount of contradictions was astonishing!

As an example: Quran sentence tells “….those who believe (in that which is revealed unto thee, Muhammad), and those who are Jews and Christians, and Sabians- whoever believe in Allah and the last Day and doeth right-surely their reward is with Lord, and there shall no fear come upon them neither shall they grieve) Surah Al-Baqara (62)

In other words, everyone who has faith in God will be rewarded for this belief.

Contradicting this is a sentence in the Quran which declares clearly that God only recognizes the religion of Islam and anyone who subscribe to any other religion than Islam, will be rejected and disapproved by God.

“And whoso seeketh as religion other than Islam it will not be accepted from him, and will be a loser in the Hearafter”. Surah Al-E-Imran (85)

So in the Pentateuch it is written that God chose the Jews to be the Holy people, and not anyone else in the whole world, and in the Christian Bible it is cited that you are all children of God through faith in Christ Jesus, and in the Quran it is claimed that Islam is the only sane religion. This is surly against reason and contradicting with what we actually see in different nations of our world.

Even a child can understand how most religious nations and countries live in poverty, underdevelopment and inequity, where many nations that have the majority of people who do not care for religion live in wellbeing and prosperity, which is in fact rewarded to them by God and his creations in the Universe. This definitely proves that the only criterion for welfare is working hard, using reason and mind, and doing good for humanity and all creatures. This of course can only be accomplished by ceasing to blindly follow religions, not knowing why, how or how come.

I believe and trust in God, because we all are God’s creations. Our intelligence is part of God’s brilliance. The beauty of our bodies and all around us in nature is the magnificent ingenuity of God. In fact, religions have always been a barrier between humans and God, a tool to subdue people and nations to rulers and to religions' dogmas.

We can only worship God when using reason to contemplate the universe and to work for the well being of all creatures.

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