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From Southern Baptist to Deism

It is a shame that words and thoughts of such a great mind [Thomas Paine] will be read by so few. This book [The Age of Reason, The Complete Edition] and your website [] need to be read and understood by the masses. I believe most people are empty right now, not understanding what part commercial religion took in extracting the fulfillment one feels with the true trinity [mind, body, spirit] verses their replacement [Father ,son, wholly ghost].

I was raised a Southern Baptist and one day it hit me like divine intervention, that all is lies on the surface and I was forced to BELIEVE thru guilt and fear.

The Spanish inquisition was still a tradition in our church. I as a young man was actually shown pictures of people burning as they fell into Hell all the while some bug eyed fanatic telling me that you just fall and burn you don't even die and that this is my fate if I don't accept Jesus Christ as my lord and savior and get baptized. So I VOLUNTARILY [yeah, whatever] got baptized and so on.

My search for truth has been constantly evolving and I have literally been to the mountain top and talked [or debated or argued] with the [supposed] highest of highs only to find out he was a loser that knew less than me about everything [actually he was just the big Eastern Orthodox Priest at the place]. It was an excellent experience.

I have long ago ditched all religious thoughts and started over. I am coming back into and through my Pagan roots and have enjoyed what I have learned. I have never been so happy and comfortable in Mind, body and spirit as I am today. Even having lost all my old friends and all of my family but my mother [who prays for my soul every night, and I just tell her thank you, it is working].

Deism seems to be my destination. I don't know of any other system that promotes free thinking with logic and reason like a blessed trinity in and of itself. I hope things change and that your efforts boost it and guide it.

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