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How I Became a Deist - You Sound Like a Deist

This is a brief synopsis of how I became a Deist-

After I had become disenchanted with the church and its' hypocrisy, I started researching revealed religions, science, and various philosophies for almost a year. Ironically, without even hearing of Deism, I came to the conclusion that a creator initiated the universe and left everything to evolve. I then shared this reasoning with my mom who stated, "you sound like a Deist."

After my conversation with my mom, I began to study Deism through and various texts. Through my studies I continually realized a strong connection to the ideas behind Deism and living by the Golden Rule. In addition, the Deist perspective left me amazed at the world around me and the intricacy of life. I finally came to the logical conclusion that there must be a primordial being, "Nature's God", who started the process.

As a result, if the occasion arises I am never afraid to share with family or friends that I am a Deist!

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To tell you the truth, I don't know exactly how I came to know about Deism. I do remember that I was on the internet doing research on many scriptures that I have always had a hard time believing in b