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News of Interest to Deists

Below are news articles that are of interest to Deists because they are related to religions, religious ideas, religious states, etc. Unfortunately, currently there are not a lot of articles strictly about Deism. As Deism and the World Union of Deists continue to grow, that will change. If you know of a news article that would be of interest to Deists, please email a link to it to This page is updated every Monday through Friday. Thank you!



June 17, 2024

Here's an interesting, insightful and informative article about whether or not Jesus actually existed as a mere mortal. Since Deism is based on our innate God-given reason, it's important for Deists to know what is true and what is false.

The power structure of the US is blindly supportive of the Jewish state of Israel. This enlightening article explains that this is the reason the US government supports Israel by giving the Jewish state billions of dollars' worth of deadly weapons and ammunition even while Israel is killing thousands of children in Gaza.

Man-made religions all teach that demons, evil spirits, jinn, etc. are real. This serves the clergy of the religions because it put fear in people. It also empowers the clergy because they claim they can protect people from these nonexistent creatures. In Hinduism there is an entire temple, the Mehandipur Balaji temple, dedicated to Hindu deity Hanuman and is the primarily place in India for exorcising nonexistent demons and evil spirits from people.

June 14, 2024

The number of Palestinians killed in Gaza by the Jewish state of Israel has now reached 37,000! 15,000 of the dead are children. This insightful article is about the importance of an immediate ceasefire.

The people in Gaza who are still alive, and surviving are living in squalid conditions. They lack sewer systems, food, water and electricity. 3,000 children in southern Gaza who were being treated for malnutrition are no longer able to receive their treatment and have a very high risk of dying from malnutrition.

"The UN children's agency Unicef has told the BBC a convoy carrying aid was denied entry to northern Gaza, despite having all the necessary documents, adding that this is a common occurrence." The Jewish state of Israel is going full Hebrew Bible/Old Testament in their genocide of the Palestinian children, women and men in Gaza.

June 13, 2024

The Islamic pilgrimage of the Hajj starts this Friday and runs through next Wednesday. All Muslims are required to make the pilgrimage to Mecca, Saudi Arabia at least one time in their lifetime. Saudi officials report that already 1.5 million Muslims have arrived in Mecca. Here's an article about the Hajj by a former Muslim who evolved into a Deist. He describes it as ritualistic nonsense.

In Indiana a man broke into the home of a co-worker from Chick-fil-A after 1am because he thought she needed an exorcism. Police did not agree with him, and he was arrested. It's dangerous and pathetic that in the 21st century people still believe in demons and evil spirits.

The frontman for the Roman Catholic Church, Pope Francis, has been trying for years to appear to be liberal and open in many aspects of life, including being accepting of gay people. A couple of weeks ago he said there is too much faggotry in seminaries. Now, most recently, on Tuesday he met with 200 Catholic priests. Italian media outlets reported that the pope during Tuesday’s meeting also repeated the word “frociaggine,” which in the Roman Italian dialect roughly translates as “faggotness.” It's important to keep in mind that Francis teaches the Christian and Catholic Bibles are the Word of God. Those scriptures claim at Leviticus 20:13 that God commanded the Jews to kill gay men.

June 12, 2024

The Southern Baptist Convention, the largest Protestant sect in the US, narrowly voted not to ban women pastors. This is going against what they claim is the Word of God, the misogynistic Christian Bible.

Joe Biden had said if Israel invades the city of Rafah in Gaza, they would be crossing a red line, and he would stop sending the Jewish state unlimited weapons and ammunition. Israel invaded Rafah and Biden did nothing. This past weekend, an estimated 100,000 people demonstrated at the White House with a two-mile long red fabric to show their disdain for Biden going back on his word and to show support for the Palestinian people under attack in Gaza.

"Apple employees and shareholders demand the tech giant stop matching employee donations to organizations with ties to the Israeli military assault on the Gaza Strip and ongoing illegal settlement development in the West Bank." It's good to see people taking a stand against Hebrew Bible/Christian Old Testament-based genocide.

June 11, 2024

A comedian in Indonesia was sentenced to seven months in prison for spreading hate and blasphemy. This is because he made a joke about the name Muhammad. Hate speech and blasphemy laws are attacks against free speech. We should take to heart this warning from the Deist George Washington: "...reason is of no use to us if the freedom of Speech may be taken away — and, dumb & silent we may be led, like sheep, to the Slaughter."

In Oregon City, Oregon, a Christian couple was arraigned yesterday on charges of withholding basic medical care from their newborn baby boy, Hayden Edwards. Hayden had easily treatable jaundice. His parents, unfortunately, were people of faith and not people of God-given reason. They believed in the Christian Bible's empty promises of faith healing and let Hayden die.

Students at Columbia University won a victory for free speech. The students who run the Columbia Law Review and its website ran an article, “Toward Nakba as a Legal Concept.” Within hours of the article appearing on the website, the board of directors took down the entire website. The students refused to quit in their desire to publish the article and in their fight for free speech. They won their important fight, and the site and article are now back up!

June 10, 2024

Roman Catholic priest Daniel Reehil, who serves as the Exorcist of the Diocese of Nashville, claims that Taylor Swift has elements of her concerts that are probably attracting demons! It sounds comical, however, belief in these fear-based make-believe creatures that are used by the clergy to control people through fear cause very real and irreversible harm. This is seen in cases where people are physically harmed and even killed during exorcisms. That was what happened to four-year-old Jessica Mast. Her parents believed she was possessed by a demon and performed and exorcism on her that killed her.

The Southern Baptist Convention, the largest Protestant sect in America, is going to vote this week in an effort to keep women from being preachers and/or elders. This is foolish as women have a lot to offer organizations. It is also in line with the Christian Bible which forbids women from even speaking in church (1 Corinthians 14:34-35).

"On June 6, the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth (ACNA) published a resolution calling for a moratorium on ordaining women." This is in complete agreement with the misogyny promoted by the Christian Bible.

June 7, 2024

On September 24, 2021, Claudia Hernandez, along with her brother and her Christian clergyman father, killed her innocent and helpless daughter, 3-year-old Arely Naomi Proctor. They killed her because her mother, Claudia, believed in demons and she believed Arely was possessed by a demon. Claudia and her brother and father performed an exorcism on Arely, killing her. Claudia is now on trial in San Jose, California for Arely's killing. The prosecutor said that Claudia has never shown remorse for killing her toddler daughter. This is probably because her mind is so twisted by irrational Christianity that she truly believes she did what was right.

A very important and interesting fact was revealed on Steve Bannon's program WarRoom Battleground: Eyes on Israel. That fact is that over 500,000 US voters live in the Jewish state of Israel. Bannon and his guest, Rabbi Pesach Wolicki, pointed out that the vast majority of those Jewish voters in Israel are strongly pro-Trump. They also pointed out that those voters are who are responsible for George W. Bush winning the US presidential election in 2000. It was George W. Bush who started the Iraq War for Israel's benefit.

The United Nations is adding Israel to its so-called “blacklist” of countries that have committed abuses against children in armed conflict. So far, Israel has killed over 15,000 children in Gaza. Every day there are more children being added to the list.

June 6, 2024

The Jewish state of Israel is targeting US lawmakers and the American public to support Israel in its Bible-based ethnic cleansing of Gaza. Israel is using AI to generate fake pro-Israel posts on social media in an effort to influence Americans to side with Israel against the Palestinians.

Today in Gaza, the Jewish state of Israel dropped an American bomb that given to them by American politicians from both parties on a United Nations school that was being used to shelter Palestinian refugees from Israel's invasion of Gaza. The Israeli attack killed 32 people, seven of who were children. This statement sums up the repulsiveness of Israel's ongoing ethnic cleansing of Gaza: "At the hospital morgue, NPR documented one body bag labeled as containing the body parts of five children."

As knowledge is easier and easier to gain, there are accompanying drops in people who consider themselves religious as well as a decline in interest in the Bible. This has Bible societies concerned. Several of the world's largest Bible societies have commissioned an in-depth study to determine why so many people are not taking the Bible seriously. They think the Bible offers people wisdom, when in reality it offers fear-based superstition. Wisdom is found in the writings of the ancient Greek and Roman philosophers who taught that wonder is the beginning of wisdom, while the Bible teaches fear of God is the beginning of wisdom.

June 5, 2024

This article asks the question, what will happen if the current peace talks between Israel and Hamas fail. An estimated 36,000 Palestinians have been killed so far in Israel invasion of Gaza. There will be thousands more killed. The majority of those killed are children and women.

Harrison Mann is a Jewish major in the US Army who resigned due to the US supplying weapons and support to the Jewish state of Israel in its slaughter of Palestinian civilians in Gaza. Mann has taken a brave stand for humanity. Albert Einstein would be proud of him. Einstein said regarding the Jewish state of Israel, "Should we be unable to find a way to honest cooperation and honest pacts with the Arabs, then we have learned absolutely nothing during our 2,000 years of suffering and deserve all that will come to us."

Keep God's Land is a Jewish and Christian organization that is based on the myth from the Hebrew Bible that God gave all the land that Palestinians currently live on to the Jews for a Jewish state. Keep God's Land wrote a letter to Israeli PM Netanyahu telling him not to agree to Joe Biden's idea for a peace agreement between Israel and Hamas.

June 4, 2024

Donald Trump is hunting for lots of cash for his presidential campaign, just as Joe Biden is. Both Biden and Trump are insanely pro-Israel. However, Trump seems to be the most insanely pro-Israel. While in the White House, Trump reneged on the nuclear agreement the US had with Iran at the request of Israeli officials, billionaire Jewish donors and the Israel lobby. He moved the US Embassy from Israel's legal capital of Tel Aviv to its illegally occupied capital of Jerusalem. Trump also recognized the Jewish state of Israel's sovereignty over the illegally occupied Syrian Golan Heights. This interesting and informative article shows how Trump may promise to support Israel's annexation of the Palestinian West Bank.

An important part of theocrats in the religious right to turn the US into a Bible-based Christian nation is school vouchers. This informative and interesting article points out that 91% of school vouchers, which are paid for with tax dollars, go to religious schools. Florida is the state with the largest number of students in voucher programs. In Florida taxpayers are paying over $3 BILLION, the vast majority of which goes to religious schools. This is all very unconstitutional and is an attack on the Jeffersonian principle of separation of religion from government.

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Fresno, California announced that "the Diocese will file a petition for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy with the United States Bankruptcy Court in 2024." They are doing this because they don't want to pay the victims of their pedophile priests and other pedophile clergy.

June 3, 2024

The New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) is a dangerous part of the religious right in the US. This informative article describes the NAR's political goals and methods in its efforts to turn America into a Christian Bible-based theocracy.

The Jewish state of Israel is continuing its slaughter of Palestinian refugees in Gaza. Over the weekend they dropped bombs on Palestinians in several parts of Rafah as well as in other parts of Gaza.

Here's a fascinating and thought-provoking article about a new theory that suggests that time is an illusion created by quantum entanglement.



May 31, 2024

Christian Palestinians at Bethlehem Bible College in the illegally and cruelly Israeli occupied Palestinian West Bank hosted a conference, Christ at the Checkpoint. The purpose of the conference was to point out the hypocrisy of primarily US and European Christians who are opposed to violence, yet the support the Jewish state of Israel's slaughter and ethnic cleansing in Gaza.

Joe Biden warned Israel not to launch a major military attack on the Gazan city of Rafah. He said that is a red line Israel must not cross, and if the Jewish state does cross it, Biden would withhold bombs and other military weapons and supplies from Israel. Israel crossed that red line of Bidens and confirmed its military is in central Rafah. Biden has done nothing in response.

This insightful article points out that Israel has crossed Joe Biden's red line. It also explains what Biden can do to end the slaughter of Palestinian children, women and men in Gaza. The article states, "The administration should invoke the Leahy law, which bars US military assistance to foreign military units using US weapons to violate human rights. It should halt further delivery of US offensive weapons to Israel that would be used in the killing of civilians in Gaza."

May 30, 2024

The Jewish state of Israel's Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich is threatening the Palestinians living in the Israeli occupied Palestinian West Bank. He threatened on Thursday to turn Palestinian towns in the occupied West Bank “into ruins like the Gaza Strip” as soldiers and settlers escalate their raids against Palestinian civilians.

In Idaho, Chad Daybell, who together with his girlfriend turned wife, Lori Vallow, murdered Chad's wife and Vallow's two children because they believed their victims had dark spirits and were zombies, was found guilty of the religious murders. Prosecutors are seeking the death penalty. This all sprang from their end times Mormon beliefs.

Hesen Jabr, is a Palestinian American nurse who worked in New York City at NYU Langone Health. She was given an award for her compassion in caring for mothers whose babies died. While accepting the award, she said, "It pains me to see the women from my country going through unimaginable losses themselves during the current genocide in Gaza. This award is deeply personal to me for those reasons.” She was fired for saying what she did about the genocide in Gaza. So much for free speech!

May 29, 2024

Former US presidential hopeful Nikki Haley visited the illegally Israeli occupied Palestinian West Bank. The Jewish Israel of Israel refers to it by its biblical names of Judea and Samiria, since Israel is based on the ancient Hebrew Bible the ancient Jewish clergymen wrote. As the Jewish father of the warmongering and Hebrew Bible-based neoconservative movement, Leo Strauss pointed out, “Judaism is a concern with return; it is not a concern with progress. ‘Return’ can easily be expressed in biblical Hebrew; ‘progress’ cannot.”

Pope Francis has a crack in his phony facade as a welcoming kind soul who wants the Roman Catholic Church portrayed as welcoming all people. The crack appeared when he was speaking to 200 Catholic bishops about Catholic seminaries. Francis said, “there is already enough faggotry” in Catholic seminaries. He wants to keep gay men out of the seminaries. Francis promotes the Bible ancient Jewish clergymen wrote as the Word of God. The Bible teaches that God commanded the Jews to kill gay men at Leviticus 20:13. Francis saying "faggotry" is very tame compared to the Bible itself. However, as pope, Francis has to support Leviticus 20:13, along with many other ungodly and disgusting Bible teachings, as all Christians need to do who claim the Bible is God's Word. Bible teachings, as well as teachings from the Quran and Book of Mormon which are promoting violence and cruelty make it clear the Deist Thomas Paine was correct when he wrote in The Age of Reason that we need a revolution in religion based on our innate God-given reason and Deism.

Bradrick Vail, Sr. was the pastor of Tree of Life Deliverance Ministries and studied at Heart Bible International University. The 35-year-old Vail was arrested and charged with three counts of first-degree rape, one count of first-degree sodomy and three counts of sexual abuse. Police said Vail used the church to contact his rape victims.

May 28, 2024

In illegally occupied Jerusalem, an Israeli court refused to hear a petition from a Palestinian family that is being evicted from their homes so that a Jewish family can move in. This is the legal arm of the ethnic cleansing machine of the Jewish state of Israel.

Two tunics, one thought to belong to the apostle Peter and the other to John, were carbon tested by the Vatican. The results show that they were not in existence during the lifetime of the two apostles. However, the Roman Catholic Church is still billing them as relics.

Religious Jewish squatters/"settlers" in the Palestinian West Bank are attacking trucks they believe are bringing food to the starving Palestinians in Gaza. It's time for humanity to evolve out of the ancient, ungodly and harmful "revealed" religions. Nature's God gave us reason, not religion!

May 27, 2024

The Jewish state of Israel bombed a refugee tent-camp in the city of Rafah in besieged Gaza. At least 45 civilians were killed, many burned alive, by the Israeli attack. Many of the dead and wounded are children. This is very Hebrew Bible/Old Testament cruelty. Israeli officials said they did not intend to kill civilians and they will investigate the attack. They investigated themselves in 1967 when they launched a deadly sneak attack on the US Navy ship, the USS Liberty, killing 34 American servicemen and wounding 171 others. Here's what the American veterans who were on the USS Liberty had to say about the lies Israel created to cover up the crime they committed.

Israeli Occupation Forces shot and killed an Egyptian soldier and wounded several others near the Egyptian/Gaza border at Rafah. It is very possible that Israel's war against Gaza can spread to Egypt.

Christian theocrats in Louisiana are very close to passing a law that would require the 10 Commandments to be posted in all public schools across the state, even though the 10 Commandments are NOT addressed to them, they're addressed to the Jews.

May 24, 2024

The International Court of Justice in The Hague issued an order to the Jewish state of Israel to stops its deadly attacks on the southern city in Gaza of Rafah. Even though Joe Biden and other US politicians from both parties are deep in the pockets of Israel's lobby, not all of the world is.

Students protesting for the Palestinian children, women and men who are being attacked by the Jewish state of Israel in Gaza are protesting not only in the US, but on college and university campuses around the world. In Dublin, Ireland, the students reached an agreement with Trinity College in which Trinity College agreed to divest financially from Israel. This is a big and meaningful victory for the students!

Arely Naomi Proctor was an innocent and helpless little girl. She, unfortunately, had a faith-based Christian family. Her family believed in demons and Satan because the Bible tells them so. On September 24, 2021, they believed Arely was possessed by a demon, so they performed an exorcism on her to get rid of the imaginary demon. For over 20 hours they beat, choked and smothered Arely trying to get the imaginary demon out of her. They ended up killing Arely. Santa Clara County Judge Hanley Chew recently ruled that prosecutors have enough evidence for the trio to stand trial for assault on a child causing death.

May 23, 2024

In Spain, 16 Roman Catholic nuns have denounced Pope Francis and announced that they are leaving the Roman Catholic Church and "placing themselves under the authority of Pablo de Rojas Sánchez-Franco, a self-styled bishop who was excommunicated in 2019." They are upset that Francis approved the blessing of same-sex couples by Catholic priests. Since the book the Roman Catholic Church, and all Christians, teaches is the Word of God is very anti-gay and even claims God commanded the Jews to kill gay men at Leviticus 20:13, it does not make sense for Christians to be accepting of gay people. Since the Bible is claimed by believers to be the Word of God, they cannot change its teachings. That's why the biblical teachings promoting slavery are still in the Bible.

It looks like Joe Biden's loyalty to the Jewish state of Israel and the very powerful and wealthy Israel lobby is causing him to turn on the Bill of Rights and the First Amendment and free speech for Americans. He recently said, "We are not an authoritarian nation where we silence people or squash dissent. But order must prevail." The excuse of order has been used for centuries to smash free speech, as Biden is doing regarding the pro-Palestinian/anti-genocide student protests.

A Jewish Israeli student, Matan Goldstein, at the University of Virginia (UVa) is suing UVa, its president and pro-Palestinian student groups. His lawsuit is full of ridiculous claims, one of which is that the student groups are "sleeper-cells" for Hamas!

May 22, 2024

Israeli PM Netanyahu was very upset when the International Criminal Court representative asked for arrest warrants for Netanyahu due to his using starvation of the Palestinian people in Gaza as a weapon of war and for killing and wounding huge numbers of children, women and men in Gaza. He was so upset that he started referencing genocidal Hebrew Bible/Christian Old Testament passages!

Ireland, Norway and Spain announced today that they will recognize an independent Palestinian state. This article is about the struggle of the Palestinians for recognition of their own Palestinian state.

"The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) announced Tuesday it has suspended aid deliveries in the southern border city of Rafah due to security concerns amid ongoing hostilities and a lack of supplies." It's horrific what people can do to one another.

May 21, 2024

Louisiana is about to make a law that requires the 10 Commandments to be posted in all public schools and classrooms throughout the state. "The Louisiana bill, HB71, was authored by Rep. Dodie Horton (R-Bossier), whose 2023 bill requiring the words "In God We Trust" be posted in every classroom also became law."

Here's an interesting article about a new way Christian churches are spreading. They are being set-up and operated as franchises. The Association of Related Churches is a franchise-style church network known as ARC. They get a cut of the profits associated churches bring in.

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Peoria, Illionois announced that between now and May 2026 it will close 81 of its parishes. It will shrink from 156 to 75 parishes. This is due to a drop in attendance, and more than likely, the billions the Roman Catholic Church has been forced to pay out for the victims of Catholic pedophile priests and other clergy.

May 20, 2024

The 7 Mountain Mandate, is the idea that Christians are called to conquer seven “mountains” of society to achieve religious and political dominion: government, family, religion, arts & entertainment, media, education, and business. This is the agenda for much of the religious right. This informative article is about how one Christian theocrat is focusing on swing counties in order to ensure to help Trump and the religious right win the White House.

"The International Criminal Court is seeking arrest warrants for Hamas leader in Gaza Yahya Sinwar and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on charges of war crimes and crimes against humanity over the October 7 attacks on Israel and the subsequent war in Gaza." It will be interesting to see if anything meaningful comes out of it.

Joe Biden wants to be reelected. He realizes his unquestioning support of the Jewish state of Israel in its slaughter of Palestinian children, women and men could cost him votes and possibly the election. He attempts to make it look like he's trying to protect the Palestinian civilians. This interesting article points out that Biden is being deceptive about this.

May 17, 2024

At least eight Jewish billionaires secretly worked to shape U.S. public opinion on Israel’s war against Gaza. They pressured New York City Mayor Eric Adams and university leaders to clear out pro-Palestinian students from campuses.

Ireland will officially recognize Palestinian statehood by the end of May, according to Irish officials. Other European Union states that will recognize Palestinian statehood are European Union members Spain, Ireland, Slovakia and Malta.

The Vatican today updated how it will deal with allegedly supernatural events like the "virgin" Mary appearing to people, to statues that allegedly cry real tears or tears of blood, etc., etc. The last time it was updated was in 1978.

May 16, 2024

The United Democracy Project (UDP) is a front group for the most powerful and wealthy branch of the Israel lobby, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). The UDP/AIPAC is spending $2 million on one week's worth of advertising against Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-NY). They see him as a threat to the Jewish state of Israel. It's dangerous and wrong to have foreign nations influencing elections of other nations.

This interesting and informative article is about Democrats in office trying to stay alive by balancing what Israel and its very powerful lobby wants and what their constituents want.

US actor Kel Mitchell talked about an exorcism he went through. It sounds like he needed, or so he believed, an exorcism because his ex-wife put a hex on him! Such superstitions sound comical, however, they can result in deaths of adults and deaths of children. We really need reason-based Deism!

May 15, 2024

Here's a very thought-provoking and insightful video of a former Jehovah's Witness elder. He explains how members have their thoughts controlled by the religion/cult. After finally realizing Jehovah's Witness is ridiculous, he quit the nonsense and freed himself. He's never been happier. This applies to all of the man-made "revealed" religions. When I objectively read Thomas Paine's The Age of Reason, it was like scales were falling off my eyes with each page that I read. I was soon empowered to break free of Christianity. It was, and is, a wonderful feeling!

Joe Biden is sending the Jewish state of Israel another $1 billion in weapons and ammunition. The package includes roughly $700 million for tank ammunition, $500 million for tactical vehicles, and $60 million in mortar rounds. This is in addition to the $14 billion approved by US politicians from both parties last month. And that was in addition to the $3.8 billion the politicians take from American taxpayers and give to Israel every year.

1,200 Jewish university professors in the US have signed a strongly worded statement rejecting a controversial antisemitism definition that the U.S. Senate is considering codifying in federal law. If passed into a law, it would be virtually impossible to criticize the Jewish state of Israel. This would be a powerful attack on freedom of speech. The Deist George Washington pointed out how dangerous it is to lose our freedom of speech when he wrote, "...reason is of no use to us if the freedom of Speech may be taken away — and, dumb & silent we may be led, like sheep, to the Slaughter."

May 14, 2024

Mica Miller was the wife of Christian clergyman/con-man John-Paul Miller, who is the pastor of Solid Rock at Market Common church in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. She was found on April 27, 2024, shot in the head and dead. Initial police investigation stated it was a suicide. However, Mica's family and friends said Mica, who was divorcing her husband, told them if she was ever found dead, John-Paul did it. The FBI is investigating further. During his eulogy, John-Paul said he tried to bring his wife back to life. This sounds ridiculous, but it IS in the Christian Bible. John 14:12-14 even has Jesus promising that people who believe in him will be able to do all that he allegedly did, which includes bringing dead people back to life, plus "greater things than these."

Questions are being asked about Christian Daystar Television Network’s President Joni Lamb use of the ministry's jet. She flew "24 round-trip flights from Fort Worth to Colorado Springs and 13 round-trip flights from Fort Worth to Destin at an estimated cost of $769,220." Joni was traveling in the jet to be with her fiancé, Colorado Springs psychologist and author Doug Weiss. If they had used commercial airlines, they would have saved her ministry and the people who tithe to it $700,000.00!

Israeli authorities erroneously believed that the military of the Jewish state of Israel had defeated and cleared Hamas fighters from the northern and middle parts of Gaza. It seems they do not realize they are fighting a guerilla war, not a conventional war. Already, Hamas fighters are starting to fight with the Israeli military in the areas Israel had claimed were cleared of Hamas fighters in those areas of Gaza.

May 13, 2024

The US State Department released a report that says Israel's use of American bombs, missiles and other weapons were probably used by the Jewish state in a way that violates international humanitarian law. The report also states that due to wartime conditions, it is not currently possible to prove that for certain specific airstrikes. Religious violence will last as long as there are religions.

US Army Major Harrison Mann, who worked in the Defense Intelligence Agency, has resigned his commission in opposition to Joe Biden's support for the Jewish state of Israel's ethnic cleansing in Gaza.

Anyone familiar with the Hebrew Bible/Christian Old Testament knows it promotes religious violence and genocide. This article is about how the Hebrew Bible/Christian Old Testament are being unleashed on the people in Gaza by the Jewish state of Israel.

May 10, 2024

As violence in Haiti continues to increase and spread, many people caught up in it are turning to religion. In this case the religion they're turning to is Vodou.

Christian clergyman/con-man the late Billy Graham is going to have a statue inside the US Capitol. The Christian preacher and millionaire (does that mean he didn't go to heaven?) Graham did inadvertently help Deism when he admitted there is no reason that aligns with our innate God-given reason to believe the Christian Bible is the Word of God.

A common charge of politicians in areas where there are pro-Palestinians protests is that the pro-Palestinians were made up of outsiders. This article shows that the anti-Palestinian and pro-Israel demonstrations are the ones led by outsiders.

May 9, 2024

The Jewish state of Israel's genocide against Palestinians in Gaza has now reached the city of Rafah, where 1.4 million Gentile Palestinians are sheltering from Israel's deadly destruction of Gaza. To date, Israel has killed 34,488 Palestinians in Gaza with 14,500 of them being children and 9,500 of them being women.

Joe Biden has paused the shipments of US 2,000 pound and 500 pound bombs to Israel because he doesn't want such powerful weapons used against the Palestinian civilians in Rafah. He also believes doing so will help him win votes from people who are opposed to Israel's unchecked slaughter of Palestinians.

Of the 1.4 million Palestinian refugees sheltering in the Gaza city of Rafah, 600,000 are children. If Israel does launch a full-scale invasion of Rafah, they will kill a large number of those children.

May 8, 2024

The world's largest Muslim-majority country, Indonesia, has hate crime laws and blasphemy laws, both of which are attacks against free speech. A young Muslim woman was sentenced to two years in prison and fined £13,217 for saying an Islamic prayer before eating pork on her Tik Tok channel. This was seen as inciting religious hatred and blasphemy.

The Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) is the largest Protestant sect in America. However, membership has fallen to a 47 year low. Much of the drop in members occurred during the corona virus pandemic. Perhaps the pandemic made many people realize that the promises in the Christian Bible regarding faith healing and getting whatever you ask for in prayer are false and empty promises.

In India, a man chopped off his tongue for religious/superstitious reasons. The man's wife is mute and villagers believe he cut off his tongue to offer to lord Shiva in hopes of having a wish come true.

May 7, 2024

Here's an important and very informative short video of John J. Mearsheimer, a co-author of The Israel Lobby and US Foreign Policy. He explains why Joe Biden will not stop the Jewish state of Israel from committing genocide in Gaza.

Former Republican US Congressman John Hostettler from Indiana was one of the few politicians who attempted to prevent the US politicians from both parties from starting the horrific and unnecessary Iraq War (the Iraq War was started by US politicians from both parties for the benefit of the Jewish state of Israel and for their own selfish benefit via the Israel lobby). He had been in the US House of Representatives for 12 years, but lost reelection in 2006. He is now going to run again, and the powerful and wealthy Israel lobby are spending millions of dollars to defeat him.

Actor Nicolas Cage is going to play the role of Joseph, the alleged father of Jesus in the film The Carpenter's Son. The film will be based on the Infancy Gospel of Thomas, which was rejected by Christian leaders for inclusion in the Christian Canon. The film will be a horror film.

May 6, 2024

Hamas has accepted a peace agreement between themselves and the Jewish state of Israel. However, Israeli officials said the agreement was far from "necessary requirements." Hopefully the insane religious violence will stop.

North Carolina theocrats in the state legislature are expanding the unconstitutional school voucher program. School vouchers take tax dollars from taxpayers and give them to private schools, the vast majority of which are religious schools, to pay for tuition for students. That's using tax dollars to pay for religious education/brain polluting.

Lawrence Kozak, 51, is a Roman Catholic priest in Chester County, Pennsylvania. He was charged with theft and related crimes for using a credit card belonging to his Catholic church to pay for Candy Crush and Mario Kart computer games. He charged $40,000.00 to the credit card to play those games.

May 3, 2024

FlashPoint is a Christian theocracy promoting television show with the primary purpose of getting Donald Trump back in the White House. As this interesting article points out, the preachers on FlashPoint stress to their listeners: "The world has entered its final years. Jesus will soon return. But Christians are not meant to wait idly while evil runs rampant; they are called to occupy positions of power and influence in society. And in the short term, that means putting Donald Trump back in the White House."

US politicians are in the process of expanding the meaning of anti-Semitism. This is an attack against the First Amendment right of free speech and it offers the Jewish state of Israel more freedom to slaughter Gentiles in Gaza. This is seen by Israeli PM and warmonger Netanyahu claiming that if the International Criminal Court indicts him and other Israeli officials for the war crimes Israel is committing in Gaza that would be anti-Semitism.

The thousands of people taking part in anti-Israel demonstrations on college campuses across the US, and which are now spreading to other nations, are seen by Israeli officials a anti-Semitic.

May 2, 2024

Donald Trump is winning support from many Jews for saying he does not believe a two-state solution to the Israel and Palestine problem will work. The Palestinians want their own state while the Hebrew Bible/Christian Old Testament, which the Jewish state of Israel has been working to implement since its founding, claims God gave ALL of that land to the Jews for a Jewish state.

US politicians passed a bill that adapts the definition of anti-Semitism that was created by the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA). Anti-Semitism is defined broadly in the IHRA definition. It can be used to take away free speech from people who are critical of the Jewish state of Israel, which is probably its true purpose. It can also be used to claim parts of the Christian New Testament are anti-Semitic. This has many MAGA politicians angry.

The United Methodist Church was not very united over the last year. The United Methodist Church lost over 25% of its churches due to disagreements regarding letting gay people into the clergy and allowing same-sex marriages. The remainder of the United Methodist Church recently changed its rules to allow gay people into its clergy and to allow same-sex marriages in its churches. Yet, the book they claim if God's Word, the Christian Bible, still has anti-gay teachings in it, even to the extent of a claim that God commanded the execution of gay men (Leviticus 20:13).

May 1, 2024

Christian parents of faith, not of God-given reason, allowed their two-day-old son, Hayden Edwards, to die of jaundice. They did this because they followed the man-made Christian Bible and its false promises of faith healing instead of their gift from The Supreme Intelligence/God of innate reason. Here is the World Union of Deists response to this religious crime against children.

The Florida Conference of Catholic Bishops is very happy that Florida politicians have passed a law that allows volunteer clergy as chaplains into public schools. They will be fishing for new converts among the students. This is a very clear violation of the Jeffersonian principle of separation of religion from government.

College students across the US are demonstrating against the Jewish state of Israel's ongoing slaughter of Palestinians in Gaza and the US politicians continuing to send Israel weapons and ammunition at American taxpayer expense. Brown University students were successful in their efforts to force the university to pledge to vote on divestment from companies affiliated with Israel. It will be interesting to see if they actually do vote to divest.


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To an extreme fundamentalist like John MacArthur (March 21, 2024 item), any Christian who does not fall in line with certain strict doctrinal tenets is not "really" a "true" Christian. So his saying somebody like Martin Luther King is not a "true" Christian is par for the course for somebody like him. I can't say if there were any racial motivations for him saying what he said.

With all due respect to a great person like Martin Luther King (but NOT to fundamentalists like John MacArthur), for myself I am glad to be a Deist and no longer a Christian.


Ah yes, good old John MacArthur (March 21, 2024 item). I went to a week long conference/retreat with Campus Crusade for Christ one time when I was in college in the early 1970's. (See about my brief involvement with them in my Why Deism write-up: (Nominal Christian Upbringing, etc.)). John MacArthur was one of the presenters, and his presentation was about Romans.

Looking at his Wikipedia bio we see that John is an extreme fundamentalist. He is a Young Earth creationist. And he is a Dispensationalist, and believes a restored Israel will inherit physical ownership in the land of Canaan. Saying Martin Luther King is not a (true) Christian is par for the course for somebody like MacArthur.


Evangelical Christians being the biggest supporters of Israel (from March 1, 2024 item) illustrates what Thomas Paine said that belief in a cruel God makes a cruel person.

Evangelical Christians already believe in a cruel God who condemns to hell for all eternity those who, for whatever reason, do not come to "accept Jesus Christ" in this present lifetime. Thus they would not care about the sufferings of Palestinians whom they regard as pawns in God's plan, and who have to make way for God's "chosen people" in fulfillment of God's grand plan.


An item from January 18, 2024 contains the following link:

which contains an embedded video of the Exodus song, sung by the fundamentalist Christian Pat Boone. I remember that song from when I was 10 years old in 1961, and I had always liked the Ferrante and Teicher instrumental version. It sounded grand, and innocent, and I never had any idea that the song was celebrating a gross injustice.


From an item November 9, 2023:

"Since the foolish (Hamas should only have attacked the Israeli military and Israeli politicians, not civilians) and vile attack by Hamas on Israel on October 7th ..."

It is easy to condemn Hamas from a position of comfort and safety when one has not suffered what the people in Gaza are suffering continually every day, and is not living in desperate circumstances.

Here is an interesting article as to how condemnation of Hamas is actually being cynically weaponized, and why such condemnation, however well-meaning, is a mistake.

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