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Why Deism? From Christian to Deist

To tell you the truth, I don't know exactly how I came to know about Deism. I do remember that I was on the internet doing research on many scriptures that I have always had a hard time believing in by "faith". While searching, I found scriptures that I had never noticed before. Mainly because most churches that I had attended NEVER discussed such subjects as child abuse, murder, genocide, or many other ungodly acts in the bible. Scriptures that I had NEVER heard read from the pulpit! At first I was sad and mad at the same time by these horrific scriptures. I was disappointed by what I felt to be intentional deception from "revealed religions." They have no answers, so they will tell you to pray about your questions and ask for revelation. Just believe and have "faith"! I wanted more. I wanted truth. BLIND faith wasn't working for me any longer! I wanted answers!!!!

Somehow I ended up on Deism described the God of my dreams. The God that I can honestly say that I love! I actually get teary-eyed at times when I think of how awesome God Is. He wants us to live life. As I wrote in my article "Will The Real God Please Stand Up", (December issue of THINKonline!) "The real God would never cause death to any living creation, out of hatred, rage, vengeance."

I am free. Free indeed! I am grateful that I finally found the truth...or maybe the truth found me. All I know is that is how I discovered that I am a Deist. My Creator God made it possible for me to live in a beautiful World, in a awesome Galaxy, that is located in HIS incomprehensible Universe. I can live with that...truly live!!


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