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Why deism? finding deism through objective reasoning

Why am I a Deist?

To answer that question requires one to ask this question first: why do I not accept organized religion's offerings? Once the negative is answered the first question answers for itself. I cannot accept any of the predominant religions which the world has projected over the centuries. The major factor for my denial of revealed religion is founded upon the facts surrounding the inventive people of Sumer as well as reason and common sense. Once you see what these people invented and their created written works called myths, you will never be able to sit in a pew and listen to so many contrived thoughts that were stolen from the Sumerian people. The Bible is filled with the Sumerian written works and once that becomes plain and factual, how can one accept the Bible as being anything but a compiled human effort? What exactly did the Sumerian people write? If you have internet capability, then go and see for yourself. Don't put your faith in me or in any other person. Take responsibility for your free choices in life and go look for yourself. All the stories offered in the Bible considered to be myths were written on clay tablets at least a thousand years before the Jew became a Jew and wrote the Bible.

The Bible is so full of errors and plagiarized works, I ask you how can a person think to agree that they were all or in any part Divine offerings from the Jewish version of God? To name a few of the stolen efforts to ease the pain of discovery I offer these few: The Tower of Babel, the Garden of Eden, the fall of Man, the ark and the flood, and many others as well. There is the Akkadian king that, as a new born, took the trip down the river in a sealed basket of reeds; it was not Moses. I have asked myself these questions: Once the facts come to light that the Bible is created by humans and founded on stolen myths without the aid of any type of god, where then can one turn? What is there in life that one can feel comfortable accepting before the final hour arrives?

To examine all religions with honesty and a desire to see truth, indeed, where can one turn? Is there among all the available religions one religious offering that one can, with confidence, accept as being true? How about Islam, or Christianity, or Judaism. One only has a need to go and see for one's self. Examine them all carefully. For your own benefit, do look deeply and you will see as I surely saw there is not a shred of truth being offered by any of them. I will concede that a few religions offer kind words of love and brotherhood, but that only applies to the religion you have accepted and not to humanity at large. I searched and I found they are all divisive and appeal to human emotions and fears of death. Only the religion you look at and choose to be a member in good standing will save you, and all the rest of religions have the same founding principle and sing this same song: "We and we alone will save you. All others are liars" And so, we have looked at why one would entertain Deism as a truth one can accept even without a Holy promise of Paradise or Heaven as a reward.

Deism is not a dictator driven philosophy; Deism is founded upon reason and common sense and logic. A Deist is not promised as a boon in a place in Paradise if he chooses to be a kind and loving person. A Deist will accept whatever the Creator wills for He wills what He will. Mankind has created books called Holy to guide them. A Deist relies on reason and common sense to guide him and willingly helps a floundering soul. But there is no desire or need for compensation for a kind deed performed. It is simply the right thing to do. A Deist makes no demands on another person what to believe. We are all free to choose our way. But the Deist offers the self a few demands directed only towards himself: Be kind and loving in life and consider the Creator as being true. It's necessary to work for your daily bread. As a Deist I understand I cannot know what the Creator will or will not do. I cannot know as a proven fact that there is an afterlife. I have embraced the need to accept that all of humanity has been given gifts to aid their few moments of struggle in this life. The Creator has no need to carry humanity on His back as religions plead and demand.

I accept Deism because all the facts in the negative that have been offered here as it relates to religious offerings which are easily seen as constructs of human beings and not related to the efforts of mankind's created gods. Too many lies and distortions and plagiarized stories to make a claim that any religion or written work is considered to be honest. Consider the Exodus, if you will. It is and has been stated that it was an exaggeration not a factual forty year journey into the wilderness for the so called escaping Jews from the clutches of the Egyptian slave masters. Two or three Jews escaped from slavery, perhaps, but 160 thousand of them plus wives and children and others as well cannot be accepted as factual.

I will say this in conclusion: Deism for me is as close to truth that I as a human can manage founded upon reason and common sense and the inventive people of Sumer and of the intellect each person has been blessed. Free to choose I say and I repeat it often; I freely choose Deism. Of course, we are all free to choose, but we are also responsible for those choices we made. It behooves you to choose well. Go see truth for yourself; do look at the Sumerian people, do seek truth with everything you possess. Only Deism makes any kind of sense for me based on reason. Could I be wrong? To simply say I am human answers that question.

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