Why Deism? From Unchurched to Roman Catholic to None to Deism

by Marco H.

My household growing up was not a particularly religious household. Yes, God was mentioned and prayed to at times of need, but that was about it really. As a kid I was more the sort of person to go out playing sports, etc..

It wasn't until later in life, in my 40's to be exact, that I started taking an interest in God. This was through talking with my Mum about the religion my Mum's Italian relatives followed. My Mum's Italian relatives are based here in England, as well as in Italy. Because I have Italian blood in me, I wanted to follow the religion of my Italian relatives. This religion was Roman Catholicism.

I thought I would like to become a Roman Catholic and made enquiries at the local parish Church. I was gladly welcomed into the congregation. Everything went ok for a while until I started to doubt the Bible and the sacraments. Thought it was all false and for show and to get money out of the lay people.

I was never confirmed into the Catholic Faith, as just before the confirmation ceremony I decided to leave the Catholic Faith.

I then became a none, not even an Atheist. I believed in nothing. Being a none gave me peace of mind for a while but I still wasn't satisfied because I believed that there was a true God out there. After researching the internet I came across Deism and the World Union of Deists website. After reading some of the articles and about the God of Nature at www.deism.com I thought "this is for me." I liked that there was no dogma and it was a personal philosophy.

Deism has freed my mind and I have broke away from the shackles of the Abrahamic religions. Reason is so much better than Faith. I feel finally at home in Deism.

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