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Why Deism? I Knew I Was a Deist

I have known all of my adult life that I was different from my family members, friends, and work associates regarding religion. I have not been baptized. I never experienced the feeling that most people relate about their experience when they were so called "saved". I thought that I was odd and that something was wrong with me.

This is how I was introduced to Deism. Less than one year ago, my boss approached me with a newspaper article from the Nashville Tennessean. The headlines of the article had the term Deist in it. He asked me if I knew what Deist means. I immediately went into the search engine on my computer and a wealth of information opened up to me. As I read I knew that I was a Deist. I haven't stopped reading yet. I am a happier person, I am at peace with myself, and I am thankful for the day that my boss posed that question to me. I read all of your E-mails. I check every day for new ones. I forward most of them to a friend who is struggling between Deism and Revealed Religion.

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