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Joe Sigona
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Unless I am wrong one of the goals of Deism is to bring more people to Reason and Nature. Over the last 30 years or so, the number of people identifying as religious has fallen dramatically by nearly 50%.

In past posts, I had asked if it would be a good idea to engage those from Revealed Religions and educate them on why their beliefs are only myth, mystery and superstition.

Many replies I received thought it would not be a good idea. “Let them continue to believe as they do.” Seemed to be the prevalent reply.

I kept pushing as I believe that if I see someone being robbed, I should do something. Churches have been taking money from their parishoners while feeding them lies abut what lies ahead for their future. Parishoners donate their time in working unpaid for church fundraisers. All these people are being ripped off and I think it’s only right we show church goers how they have been gamed.

There is ample evidence in the Bible that Jesus was not, could not and did not die on the cross for our Original sins. The idea of Original sins did not come to Christianity for several centuries after the death of Jesus. Jesus was born a Jew and died a Jew. Jesus was born in Nazareth not Bethlehem.

the idea of Jesus being The Son of God would have angered Jesus. It would have angered him because as a Jew He was familiar with the Old Testament which for all practical purposes contains teh Torah. Part of this is the 10 commandments which says “I am the Lord they God, though shall have no other God’s before me. I think Jesus would have felt like he was in violation of the first commandment if He knew he had been deified.

Deism provides more examples of why Revealed Religions should be exposed for the evil they do.

I would disagree. Nothing is Deism is Evangelical. It is not our place to bring anyone anywhere. Deism is a philosophy, not a cult. Evangelism is one of the things the founding Deists most deployed.



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