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Amet Kuyumdzhiev
Amet Kuyumdzhiev

I wonder how religious people respond in justification when reminded of the fact that all religions have shed the blood of millions of people to force their religion? Also for non-religious doctrines such as fascism, national socialism, communism and other such anti-human ideologies? How is it possible that there are people, and not a few, who sympathize, preach and would impose such a social order on society. What goes on in the heads of these types of people? This is a question worth discussing. And here is the moment to express my opinion, namely that I do not agree with the opinion of those people who claim that a person is simply built this way and that it is almost encoded in our genes. In my opinion, they are simply deliberately leaving out of the equation the fact that there are many (and thank God for that) good people among us who possess high moral qualities. What do you think about it? May Reason Prevail!

Abdulrahman Samara
Mike Henderson

In my view, these people are programmed mentally. These people are programmed and inherited through the society in which they live. We often notice that most societies, or developing countries, are the most strict in religion. The minds of children are programmed from a young age that this is the correct religion, and when they grow up The role of the clerics comes, to program the minds of people more and more, and to convince them that hating others and killing them is jihad for the sake of God.



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